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Direct Mail vs. Email Facts

Using direct mail vs. email marketing is a choice that every business has to face. Direct mail and email marketing go hand in hand, but many companies are replacing their direct mail campaigns with email marketing. Out of all of the companies that take advantage of marketing automation, 95% use email marketing (1). This high […]

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Folding Styles for Printing

Have you ever tried to describe your project’s folding style to your printer, but struggled to get the idea across concisely? Don’t worry! We get those kinds of descriptions all the time. Here’s a chart of some common paper fold types to help with communication to your printer:   Note that the tri-fold is sometimes […]

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4 Ways to Upgrade Your Store Displays

Store displays and visuals are the number one way to bring attention to your store and products. You probably already have your signage set, but it’s important to switch it up and keep things fresh. Visual impressions are temporary, especially when potential customers pass by the same display every day. Try these 4 ways to freshen […]

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Postal Changes for 2020

About once a year, the U.S. Postal Service makes service and price changes that affect businesses and nonprofit organizations who use direct mailing. The most recent wave of changes kicked in on January 26, 2020. While it can be overwhelming to sort through the list of changes, there’s no need to worry! We’ve updated our […]

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Custom Gift Ideas

Looking for that perfect gift for the holiday? Make it something personal with a custom gift! Personalized items are great for promoting your company, making your items unique, or claiming what’s rightfully yours (my stapler). Here is our list of recommended items that stand out, in no particular order: Custom Shirts We’ll start with the […]

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How To Make Your Cards Special

How often do you send cards for any occasion? Once a year? Once a month? Never sent a card ever? Either way, you’re probably reading this because you need a way to make your cards stand out and that’s what we’re going to show you. Make your event invites, holiday cards, business cards, greeting cards, […]

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Know Your Paper, Impress Your Friends!

Like a normal person, you probably don't think about paper stock until it comes time to print. Printing your work on the right paper is essential to expressing your message to your audience. There are so many options and varieties of stock that it can be overwhelming to find the perfect fit. We’ve made it easier for you […]

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Our Folded Self-Mailer FAQs

A self-mailer is a great way to present your services and products to generate leads. They’re simple in design, eye-catching, and, most notably, cost-efficient. Not only that, but self-mailers can reach more than just your intended receiver as they’re often passed around to friends and family. While self-mailers can save you a lot of money […]

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3 Major Ways to Improve Your Appeal Letter Campaign

With the “season of giving” fast approaching, I figure it’s time to think about the tough part: asking. Appeal letter direct mailing campaigns are a key asset to fundraising for nonprofits, but it’s always a bit awkward asking for donations. The right campaign is a delicate balance between being present, but not bombarding your potential […]

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Direct Mail Frequency in Your Marketing Campaign

Brand awareness is established through recognition and familiarity. Hybrid marketing campaigns generate waves of offers and promotional copy to collective prospects and clients to keep their brand fresh in mind. How many times a month would mass direct mailings be most effective? It all depends on the promotional content. There is no magic number for inducing […]

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5 Reasons To Change Your Restaurant Menu

You’re a small to medium restaurant/business owner--so you know when it’s time to ditch those old restaurant menus for some crisp, shiny, new ones. Do you? If you’re unsure here are some tells that you need to redesign your menus and ways to revamp their look. They will look so good people will come in […]

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It's Turning Hybrid

A successful campaign must integrate both direct and digital strategies. This means content should be tailored across all print and social media channels. It’s a lot of work for a marketer to successfully execute digital and direct strategies into a single campaign. Luckily, I have a few tips that can align you with the stars. Concept […]

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Every Door Direct Mail

FIND THE CUSTOMERS THAT MATTER MOST. Every Door Direct Mail – Retail™ service lets you reach every home, every address, every time. You simply pick the neighborhood you want to target, and a Postal Service™ carrier delivers your printed piece to every address while delivering the day’s mail. You don’t need to know the names […]

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You Didn't Update Your Social Media Icons?

September 1st, 2015 Google launched their sleek and versatile new logo.  Despite the neutral, ‘meh’ response to the  modernized design,  MDD’s marketing department nearly wet themselves with excitement for the opportunity to update our letterhead and signature line in email.  Surprisingly, available selections of social media sets featuring the updated Google logo are slim and […]

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Marketing Sense

The 300lb gorilla in the room isn’t what everyone is saying it is (your alcoholism)-- it’s GUERilla Marketing. It’s what’s going to get people talking about your brand and not how many gin and tonics you’ve had today (six). Word of Mouth Offer clientele a chance to get amazing discounts or an amazon gift card […]

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Marketing for Non-Profits 101

Unlike traditional businesses, Non-profit organizations aren’t all about making tons of money. Or are they? They are! But for causes. Nonprofits will use surplus revenue to further advance the goal or mission of the organization. Many nonprofits make huge contributions to support communities and underrepresented groups of people. Some organizations strive to preserve the environment, […]

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Be In Touch with Your Audience: Design Prompts

I love awesome things. I love looking at awesome things. And since we live in a world where information is blasted at us every zillionth of a second, we hold onto the things that have an effect on us and we let go of the rest. Less is retained than lost. When I see something […]

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MDD Independence Day Hours

MDD wishes everyone a happy and safe holiday. MDD's holiday hours on July 2, 2015 is 9 AM to 2 PM & closed all day on July 3, 2015 for the Independence Day Holiday We will resume our normal hours on July 6, 2015 646-507-5280 Manhattan Digital Direct 424 West 33rd Street Suite LL10 New York, NY 10001 […]

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3D Printing Marvel

You might have heard that 3D printing is the latest printing trend that may quite possibly be the wave of the future.  Our conceptual ideas or inventions can be captured into real-time print sculptures and many artists are spanning its use in unconventional ways. One artist testing the boundaries of 3D Printing is Robert Debbane, […]

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The Latest in Printing Technologies

Come see the latest in printing from software to wide format printers at this year’s GraphExpo 2015 from September 13th - 16th 2015 in Chicago, IL. Exhibitors will be performing live demonstrations of the newest innovations in 3D printing, commercial printing, marketing services, you name it. Co-located with the CPP Expo, the aptly themed “Transform” […]

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The JCRC Dinner Gala

Manhattan Digital Direct is the official printer for the JCRC Gala Dinner in NYC.  The Gala Journal and Program books were a success, and so was the event itself. Please visit the News link below to learn more on the Gala and, as always, please feel free to contact us for your print and marketing […]

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Making PURLs Your Next Marketing Campaign

Using Personalized URLs (pURLs) is an excellent way to inexpensively study target markets, increase customer awareness, and boost response rates. We’ve all been directed to a pURL before with some hot offer just for us. Oh, if I sign up for your weekly newsletter I get complimentary coupons for free birthday ice cream? Yes, please. […]

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OSL Short Stories

We love featuring our awesome clients', Orchestra of St. Luke's, printed projects with MDD and their upcoming events.  Take a look here, and see if you can make it to their Short Stories event on Friday at The Morgan Library & Museum, Gilder Lehrman Hall.   See you there!

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The Benefits of Wide Format Printing

While print industries work hard to market paper based applications such as business cards, interactive brochures, and calendars, those with access to a wide format printer will have the easiest time signing on clients.

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Use Crops and Bleeds

As we all know, a smooth and timely production relies on a well thought out and thorough design. Making sure you have properly prepared the design before sending it to the printer avoids costly mistakes, revisions, and wasted time during printing and finishing. One way to be sure production maintains the integrity of your original […]

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October Special!

Follow us on @twitter and Like us on Facebook for more tips, promotions and articles. It's International Print Day! Share your favorite professional printing tips, show us your favorite print piece and let us know how you design for print using  the hashtag - #IPD14.    

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The Difference Between Offset And Digital Printing

If you were ever given the initiative to start a major print marketing campaign, did you find yourself completely overwhelmed by some of the printing terminology?  Driving a marketing campaign is extraordinarily different from knowing the correct paper to use, how to set up the artwork files, and knowing if the end product needs an Offset or Digital printer. […]

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Great Ideas for Conference Design

As admirers of print design, we wanted to share badge design done by Maurizio Piacenza for a recent conference. Maurizio is a graphic designer, and an illustrator based in Milan, Italy. His graphic design imitates pencil sketch on paper. You can read more about how Maurizio has come up with the idea for his design […]

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Choose the Right Font for Your Marketing

Typography is a vast field. There are never-ending lists of fonts available to marketing professionals today. Selecting the right typeface for your project could be a headache. We will provide the top three recommendations for picking the right font for you, which can help your marketing piece stand out against the competition. The right font […]

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Choosing The Right Paper Stock For Your Project

There are many different types of paper available out there, each perfect for a particular purpose. While looking for the right type of paper for you, there are some things you should keep in mind, such as: Brightness Brightness is the percentage of a wavelength of blue light that a sheet reflects. It is basically […]

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Different Trade Show Pop-Up Displays

Are you going to the tradeshow? In the sea of booths you will have to stand out. After all, 67% of attendees of trade shows represent a new prospect and potential customer. Pop-up displays can draw attention and help you display the information about your products and services. Here are a few ways you can […]

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Print Design Tips

These tips are for print design, whether it is printing a brochure, a poster or a business card.  All of it requires careful preparation. 1. Remember to bleed If any element on your layout makes contact with the document border you will have to use bleed. Bleed allows your printer to crop the image to […]

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5 Print Ads You Have to See

Print advertising is all about connecting with customers in a real way. We’ve found a couple of great examples from Ads Of the World for your inspiration. IKEA Lack Side Table: Pop-up The idea was to design something that ships flat but pops up into a 3D object when receiver open it. IKEA square little […]

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