Direct Mail vs. Email Facts

Using direct mail vs. email marketing is a choice that every business has to face. Direct mail and email marketing go hand in hand, but many companies are replacing their direct mail campaigns with email marketing. Out of all of the companies that take advantage of marketing automation, 95% use email marketing (1). This high […]

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Folding Styles for Printing

Have you ever tried to describe your project’s folding style to your printer, but struggled to get the idea across concisely? Don’t worry! We get those kinds of descriptions all the time. Here’s a chart of some common paper fold types to help with communication to your printer:   Note that the tri-fold is sometimes […]

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4 Ways to Upgrade Your Store Displays

Store displays and visuals are the number one way to bring attention to your store and products. You probably already have your signage set, but it’s important to switch it up and keep things fresh. Visual impressions are temporary, especially when potential customers pass by the same display every day. Try these 4 ways to freshen […]

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Postal Changes for 2020

About once a year, the U.S. Postal Service makes service and price changes that affect businesses and nonprofit organizations who use direct mailing. The most recent wave of changes kicked in on January 26, 2020. While it can be overwhelming to sort through the list of changes, there’s no need to worry! We’ve updated our […]

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Custom Gift Ideas

Looking for that perfect gift for the holiday? Make it something personal with a custom gift! Personalized items are great for promoting your company, making your items unique, or claiming what’s rightfully yours (my stapler). Here is our list of recommended items that stand out, in no particular order: Custom Shirts We’ll start with the […]

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How To Make Your Cards Special

How often do you send cards for any occasion? Once a year? Once a month? Never sent a card ever? Either way, you’re probably reading this because you need a way to make your cards stand out and that’s what we’re going to show you. Make your event invites, holiday cards, business cards, greeting cards, […]

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Know Your Paper, Impress Your Friends!

Like a normal person, you probably don't think about paper stock until it comes time to print. Printing your work on the right paper is essential to expressing your message to your audience. There are so many options and varieties of stock that it can be overwhelming to find the perfect fit. We’ve made it easier for you […]

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Our Most Asked Folded Self-Mailer Questions ANSWERED

A self-mailer is a great way to present your services and products to generate leads. They’re simple in design, eye-catching, and, most notably, cost-efficient. Not only that, but self-mailers can reach more than just your intended receiver as they’re often passed around to friends and family. While self-mailers can save you a lot of money […]

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3 Major Ways to Improve Your Appeal Letter Campaign

With the “season of giving” fast approaching, I figure it’s time to think about the tough part: asking. Appeal letter direct mailing campaigns are a key asset to fundraising for nonprofits, but it’s always a bit awkward asking for donations. The right campaign is a delicate balance between being present, but not bombarding your potential […]

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Direct Mail Frequency in Your Marketing Campaign

Brand awareness is established through recognition and familiarity. Hybrid marketing campaigns generate waves of offers and promotional copy to collective prospects and clients to keep their brand fresh in mind. How many times a month would mass direct mailings be most effective? It all depends on the promotional content. There is no magic number for inducing […]

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5 Reasons To Change Your Restaurant Menu

You’re a small to medium restaurant/business owner--so you know when it’s time to ditch those old restaurant menus for some crisp, shiny, new ones. Do you? If you’re unsure here are some tells that you need to redesign your menus and ways to revamp their look. They will look so good people will come in […]

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It's Turning Hybrid

A successful campaign must integrate both direct and digital strategies. This means content should be tailored across all print and social media channels. It’s a lot of work for a marketer to successfully execute digital and direct strategies into a single campaign. Luckily, I have a few tips that can align you with the stars. Concept […]

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