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You might have heard that 3D printing is the latest printing trend that may quite possibly be the wave of the future.  Our conceptual ideas or inventions can be captured into real-time print sculptures and many artists are spanning its use in unconventional ways.

One artist testing the boundaries of 3D Printing is Robert Debbane, who created such an extraordinary and aesthetically eye catching lamp design, it was featured in the 2015 New York Design week in May.  The event hosted a multitude of designers, CEOs and corporations in ranging fields that encompass a design beginning to fulfill their end product -  making his lamp feature noteworthy in the design community.

Debbane's 3d end product was designed and pieced together for a lamp effect, and interestingly enough - he added a video on his YouTube channel to display the process of putting it together; one printed piece at a time while using a variable depth carving techniques to keep each piece consistent for just the right amount light to shine through to keep the pattern in tact.  His idea to try his hand at 3D print for home products are surely to start a trend.


To learn more about 3D printing visit the video documentary below and sound off on Twitter or Facebook to let us know how you would use the next print wave of the future.





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