Folding Styles for Printing

Have you ever tried to describe your project’s folding style to your printer, but struggled to get the idea across concisely? Don’t worry! We get those kinds of descriptions all the time. Here’s a chart of some common paper fold types to help with communication to your printer:

chart of different types and styles of paper folding
This chart from First Colour Limited shows common folding styles.


Note that the tri-fold is sometimes called a C-fold or letter fold. When folding for letters, you can specify that you want the “head out” or “copy out” so that the top of the letter shows first in the front.

Besides the two gate folds shown, all of these folds can used with self-mailers. Keep them in mind when planning your next folded self-mailer campaign!


Post written by Keenan Rice

Graphic by First Colour Limited

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