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4 Ways to Upgrade Your Store Displays

Store displays and visuals are the number one way to bring attention to your store and products. You probably already have your signage set, but it’s important to switch it up and keep things fresh. Visual impressions are temporary, especially when potential customers pass by the same display every day. Try these 4 ways to freshen up your store’s look:

1) Change your storefront window / display with graphics

The storefront window is the most important aspect in bringing attention to your store. You have about 3-5 seconds to get across what you’re all about to passersby and hopefully convert them to stoppersby. Window vinyl graphics are a great way to reflect seasonal or holiday themes.

Storefront window vinyl before and after
This heart window display at Zazen Bear brought them lots of attention for Valentine's Day!

2) Make your outdoor signage visible from different angles

Your window display might look great, but you can’t see your window from every angle! Use outdoor signs to catch the attention of those who aren’t facing your storefront. Mounted sintra signs and a-frames are visible to people on the sidewalk whose line of vision is focused in front of them as they walk.

Black sintra sign mounted on pole
Catch passersby at a distance with an elevated sign...
A-frame sign on sidewalk written in chalk
...or catch them up close at closer distance.

3) Use lightboxes to brighten up your displays

Lightboxes can be used to highlight signs and displays in your store. Posters in movie theaters are usually placed in lightboxes so that they stand out in the dimly lit setting. You can find other uses if you think outside the lightbox!

Lightboxes combined with mannequins

4) Place vinyl graphics on empty walls and flooring

Why not utilize every surface? Place vinyl graphics on the wall and floor to use the full space of your store. Depending on your brand and overall atmosphere, you may not want to plaster the entire store with graphics. Think of some creative ways that vinyl graphics could be used conservatively, or go crazy!

Running shoes displayed with wall vinyl graphic
Under Armour wall vinyl from Bob Phibbs - The Retail Doctor

vinyl printing on escalator

Every store is a special case. Contact us at [email protected] or give us a call at (646) 507-5280 and we'll help you with your display needs!

Post written by Keenan Rice

Under Armour wall display photo by Bob Phibbs - The Retail Doctor

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