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Marketing for Non-Profits 101

Unlike traditional businesses, Non-profit organizations aren’t all about making tons of money. Or are they? They are! But for causes. Nonprofits will use surplus revenue to further advance the goal or mission of the organization. Many nonprofits make huge contributions to support communities and underrepresented groups of people. Some organizations strive to preserve the environment, while others 

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 3.16.50 PMwork to protect endangered species. And some aim to feed the hungry and find cures for diseases. The non-supply-and-demand business structure of nonprofits utilize print and mail marketing to spread their message, procure funding through Galas, auctions, and fundraisers, and get others on board.

Nonprofits like Witness, hold large events to honor advocates for their cause, salute their progress, and reach new funding goals. Many organizations drive their campaign with printed and mailed invitations, donation appeals, or Save the Date’s.  Nonprofit organizations are faced with raising funds far greater than their marketing budgets so finding an effective strategy is key. It’s not unusual and is probably for the best to include both direct and online approaches into a marketing campaign.

The reason nonprofits find the direct approach still so successful--in spite of Emarketing, Online Solutions, and email blasts--is the personalization of physical mail. For one, we still are sentimental to physically holding mail addressed to NAME OF RECIPIENT in our hands. Also, it won’t automatically get sent to our spam folders. I must consciously make the choice to trash this boring looking postcard from X company. Damn, it’s so boring I’m not even going to read it. Maybe if it had some attention grabbing graphics or some cool exclusive offer just for me I would take a look at it.

The main draw that a business can use with a personalized mailer is an interesting visual, a coupon, sale, or promotion. Many nonprofits encounter obstacles establishing this relationship with their recipients. This is due to the nature of the nonprofit-- giving for a cause. Potential and existing donors don’t receive a payoff that is as visible as dessert on the house. Or as tasty. In order to recognize its members and raise awareness, a non-profit might send an invitation for an exclusive honorary gala that showcases what the organization has accomplished from its donors, what its future goals are, and a great big thank you performance from U2, for example.Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 3.17.19 PM

This type of appeal is just a way that a non-profit can personally acknowledge its members and let them know they are making a difference. Other examples include events like the AIDS walk (here are some other great fundraisers where a nonprofit can acknowledge member support with community activities, snacks/meals, etc).

Printed invitations for private auctions and even flyers for citywide events will distinguish those from the other promotional offers in your members’ inboxes. How about getting some digitally printed t-shirts to advocate your cause? Just another reason to integrate direct marketing into your campaign. Because nothing feels better than getting a free t-shirt.

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Post Written By:  Angela Creed.  © Manhattan Digital Direct

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