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With the current state of the world, an effective Digital Marketing strategy is more important than ever. Unfortunately, developing an effective strategy that provides a positive return on investment is not easy. There are many facets to Digital Marketing and what works very well in one industry may be completely ineffective in another. On top of this, there is exceedingly high competition in online marketing, making it even harder to appear in front of your target audience without overpaying and cutting into your profits.

This is where Manhattan Digital Direct can help

We can develop a customized multi-vector approach that fits your budget and maximizes your ROI. Don’t delay in getting your business’ online exposure and reputation in order, your future success depends on it. 

Below are the different Digital Marketing strategies Manhattan Digital Direct can use to help grow your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most powerful and most difficult digital marketing strategies available to businesses today. This approach involves optimizing your website and building relationships with external sources to improve your trust rating with popular search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. In the end, the search engines just want to provide a good service to their visitors so their visitors will continue to use their search engine over their competitors’. To do this, they have developed advanced algorithms to return search results of pages their users want to see. Knowing this, Manhattan Digital Direct will analyze the most relevant search terms for your business and ensure your site is optimized to fulfill those search requests. Once the search engines recognize your website as an authoritative source for that query, your website will be shown again and again for that search term.
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Manhattan Digital Direct will also implement the latest industry practices to ensure your business listing is among the top results in the local map listings. This is done by analyzing your current local listings, improving the information, and then distributing the same optimized information to hundreds of listing services to ensure uniformity. Having consistent business information listed across many local directories is the most cost-effective method to boost your local rankings. This really is a must-do in the current Digital Age and Manhattan Digital Direct has the expertise to do it the right way.

Online Ad Campaigns

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Online Ad Campaigns are simply paying to have your content shown to internet users. The two most common approaches are Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Pay-Per-View (PPV). With PPC campaigns, you essentially bid on a maximum price your willing to pay per click on your ad. Then, depending on the competition and how well your website and ads are optimized for the targeted audience, the ad platform determines how often to display your ad and what the final cost per click will be. With PPV campaigns, you pay a flat rate for per X number of views of your ad (typically per thousand), regardless of how many people click on your ad. This approach is often best used for increasing brand awareness and to supplement other Digital Marketing strategies.
So, with the many millions of users online today, how do you not waste money and only target interested buyers? This is the difficult part and where an experienced online marketing team is crucial. Manhattan Digital Direct uses industry proven techniques and in-depth market research to micro-target your audience and get your ads in front of the people who will convert to buyers. Additionally, our marketing team will constantly monitor your ad campaign’s metrics and make incremental adjustments to fine-tune the targeting and maximize results.

Content Marketing/Blogs

A common phrase in the Digital Marketing industry is “Content is King”. This is an undeniable truth when it comes to getting your business found online. As mentioned above, search engines want users to find the information they are looking for. In order for your business to help the search engines reach this goal, you need to have valuable content on your website, and the search engines will reward you for it.

In addition to improving your search rankings, having high quality content on your website also increases the trust of your visitors and makes them more likely to convert into customers. If you can answer their questions or educate them with a professionally written article, you will be providing proof of your expertise and they will be more likely to employ your services.
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The most common and effective approach for delivering relevant content to your visitors is by having a blog section on your website. It does not necessarily have to be called a “Blog”. It can be called something like “News” or “Articles” instead, but the most important aspect is that high quality and relevant content is posted regularly. Search engines not only factor in the quality and amount of content on your site, but also how fresh the content is. Just posting a handful of articles when you launch your website doesn’t cut it anymore. Regular, high quality posts will earn the trust of your visitors and the search engines, which is extremely important to growing your business.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

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The phenomenon of Social Media is here to stay, and businesses are leveraging the massive data and user attention these platforms afford. Having a strong presence on popular social media platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc..), can help build a community around your business which keeps your customers coming back and increases their likelihood of referring you to another potential customer. However, like content writing, this requires constant attention and a strategic approach. Just creating social profiles and expecting people to follow you is not going help. Additionally, posting content that provides little value to your followers may even be detrimental to your growth.
Manhattan Digital Direct will leverage these platforms by building and engaging your online community. We know the tried and true techniques to attract targeted followers and then distribute the content they want to see to keep them engaged and wanting more.

Mass Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest Digital Marketing techniques and is still very effective today, if done properly. If done improperly, it can cause you to lose subscribers, or in worst-case scenarios, cause your business to be fined or blacklisted by spam filters.

The two most important aspects of Email Marketing are Deliverability and Conversion Rate. Deliverability refers to the likelihood of your email to make it to the recipient’s inbox and not get blocked by spam filters. Let’s face it, you can send out millions of emails, but if they all get filtered to spam, the money spent to send the emails would have been wasted. This is why Manhattan Digital Direct’s marketing team employs cutting-edge tools and follows all FTC regulations to ensure maximum deliverability of your email campaigns. Once your email lands in the recipient’s inbox, you then need an impactful subject line to maximize your open rate. Lastly, the content of your email needs to be attractive, well organized, easy to read and enticing enough for the reader to perform the action you are requesting of them, also known as a “Call to Action” or CTA.

Manhattan Digital Direct has proven success with hitting all these requirements and achieving effective results.

Video Marketing

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth? Videos have become the “go to” resource for many users online who are looking to educate themselves on essentially any topic. Furthermore, platforms like YouTube have made the process of publishing and marketing your video content easier than ever. There is no better way to demonstrate your expertise in a given industry than to create high quality and informative videos for interested viewers. Once you’ve convinced the viewer that you are an expert in the field, selling them your service is infinitely easier. This is the power of video marketing and Manhattan Digital Direct can provide an end-to-end solution that meets your budget and goals.

Reputation Management

In this day and age, your online reputation can make or break your business. Unfortunately, a few negative reviews can have a direct impact on revenue stream. This is where Reputation Management comes in. Reputation Management consists of encouraging your clients to add reviews of your business to various review platforms (like Google, Yelp, Facebook etc..). Additionally, if a negative review is left, it is critical that it is responded to publicly and resolved privately with the customer as soon as possible. If the customer is satisfied with the resolution, you could then ask the customer to update and improve the review they left. Even if they don’t change the negative review, other users reading their review and seeing your prompt response will be more likely to trust your business and less worried about having a similar experience.
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However, managing your online reputation can be very time consuming and doing it improperly can do more harm then good. This is why employing the experts at Manhattan Digital Direct will ensure your reputation is in good hands and your time is freed up for more important tasks.

Conversion Rate Optimization

So, you’ve got a website and a marketing plan to get targeted traffic to your site, but you’re still not seeing the conversions you are looking for? This is where Conversion Rate Optimization comes in. This service consists of experienced professionals analyzing your site’s content, layout, message and branding to ensure they are all aligned and provide an accurate message to your visitors. Once this baseline is set, advanced scripts will be deployed to track user interactions and test different content or layouts to see what performs best. Once sufficient data has been collected, the better performing version will be used and new versions with further optimizations will be tested. This is also known as A/B Testing or Split Testing and is a proven method to increase your website’s conversion rate. Tracking user interactions can also determine if there is somewhere in your sales process that users are consistently stopping at. Once identified, this point in the process can be directly addressed to better facilitate sales.

Object-Relational Mapping (ORM)

So, you have a large amount of marketing data you’ve either purchased or collected, now what? Without this data being organized into a meaningful format, its value is very limited. This is where Object-Relational Mapping comes in. Manhattan Digital Direct can parse your data and put it into a format that is meaningful, actionable, and transferable to various platforms. This exponentially increases the value of your data, not only in the near-term, but for use in the future as well. 
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Manhattan Digital Direct can provide any combination of the above Digital Marketing techniques in a manner that is most effective for your specific industry, budget and goals.

Contact us today to discuss a Digital Marketing strategy that will provide lasting success for your business.

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