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The Benefits of Wide Format Printing

While print industries work hard to market paper based applications such as business cards, interactive brochures, and calendars, those with access to a wide format printer will have the easiest time signing on clients.


If you need to print anything big like a vehicle wrap, or a fabric banner, or a life size cut-out of Jim Carrey, more than likely you’re going to get it done on a wide format printer. Wide (or large) format is anywhere from 18” - 100”. That film poster you look at every day at the bus stop was printed on a wide format printer. That rainbow backdrop used for your yearbook photo was printed on a wide format printer. One more: that waterproof ‘Grand Opening’ sign for that new chinese buffet up the block was printed on a large format printer. Larger scale printing isn’t in the obsolete danger zone and can still build business on both ends. So, if you’re a business owner looking to up the ante with some flashy, eye attracting signage; or a print vendor looking to diversify your capabilities and clientele, it will help to know a few things about wide format media before you begin a new print project.

Image care of - Canon-iPF9400S Wide Format Printer

Almost all color printers run from a RIP (Rastor Image Processor) server technology. RIP servers translate images into something the printer can understand. Many RIP servers are synced to the printer with software and drivers. Depending on the volume, quality, and turnaround rate of the job you’re doing, it’s healthy to explore options in hardware RIP servers (which can deliver higher quality print results). This article from Argos on RIP servers can help you determine what is best for your wide format printing needs.

There is a lot to consider in terms of preproduction. Understanding your options will serve you well while you cultivate an execution plan. Here’s what you need to consider to help decide your best method of printing:

-The Goal

Are we promoting something? Are we selling something? Are we speaking to a certain group? Knowing how we want to impact people will help us decide the where, what, and how the message is delivered.

-The Application

Our project might be a highly detailed architectural blueprint which might require a more versatile and specialized printer. It’s important to be aware of what our job may require from the stock we choose and the printer in order to serve its purpose.

-The Where

Where is the project going to be displayed? Indoors? Outdoors? Long term or short term use? Appropriate stock choice is key to maintaining the quality and stability of the final printed document.


How do to get the most bang for your buck. If you can’t pull off a job that’s inexpensive, fast, and professional looking, most of us will fall back on choosing cheap if we aren’t informed. Take the time and do the research. Weigh out all your options. Flaws and mishaps are more detrimental the larger the job is. Be mindful to avoid costly mistakes because it was the cheapest option. Know everything about your specific project and you might have a better idea about what you can sacrifice.

Next week Las Vegas will be hosting the 2014 SGIA Expo. From October 22nd - 25th, exhibitors like Veritiv will be showcasing their newest Wide Format media and equipment-for those of you who are interested in learning more about wide format printing.


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Post written by Angela Creed.  © Manhattan Digital Direct


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